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Job Title Gameplay Programmer
Job Category Lead Programmer,Gameplay
Job Description Position:

We’re looking for a passionate gameplay programmer who wants to bring new ideas and inspiration to Dead Cells. We want you to help us build updates to improve the game, balance the overall experience, add new levels, monsters, weapons and mechanics. We want you to help us find novel and innovative ways to include new audiences in the game, like or existing Twitch integration for example.

At the same time we'll be exploring the possibility of creating our own IP and working on prototyping game designs in order to come up with something that feels so right we all end up wanting to build “that” game. So bring your wackiest ideas and the motivation to bring them to life.

We're looking for someone who wants to help us with :

  • Gameplay programming and working with designers to build a fun responsive and engaging universe.
  • Iterating over game design prototypes and coming up with something that actually works.
  • Integrating our artist's work and actually building the game once the iteration is done.
  • Building big bosses and epic battles.
  • Doing the programming work that makes the player forget they're holding a controller.
  • Someone who pays attention to the small details.

Given that we're a small team you'll have the chance to work on a bunch of different aspects of the development of Dead Cells and our future projects however this will mean you'll need to wear a few different hats.


Ideally you're someone who's autodidactic and has been building games since you can remember. You're a passionate gamer and have always wanted to be part of the game industry, or build a career there. You know what makes a good metroidvania and why building a rogueVania is a bad idea, but you're keen to try it anyway. We want someone who will contribute to the team and push us to always do better.

We need :

  • Strong understanding of OOP (experience with Haxe or C++ get bonus points).
  • Someone who's not afraid of prototyping, being wrong and iterating, iterating, iterating...
  • Strong communication and analytical skills. You need to speak game designer, graphic artist and marketing bastard, so that you can understand what they want and help them transform that into a real game.
  • Computer science degree and 1+ year of experience (or a very convincing portfolio of completed work).
  • Passion for games... Really, you need to be someone who plays (or has played, we have kids too) a stack of PC/console games, has a love for indie games, reads the game press, knows who Mark Rosewater is and generally is part of the gaming world.
  • A decent sense of humour, you're working in games, shipping them is surprisingly hard work, we'll need some good jokes.

Extra Info:

Your salary will depend on your experience, but we’ll pay to secure the right profile. In any case we’re always competitive, you can get an idea of the current averages here: (French)

We're a company that's all about sharing the love, so if we do well, so will you. On top of that, we do free fruit baskets, croissants, regular travel to game conventions, team building stuff (drinking post work, or exploring national parks around the world etc). Basically there's a bunch of extra perks to being part of the team.

We’re focused on the wellbeing of each member of the team, our goal is to wake up every morning excited by what we get to do at work, we’re definitely not keen on slaving away at something we hate for cash. Feedback, debates and discussion animate our days and each team member’s opinion is valued, even if we’re talking about something outside your area of expertise.

You would also be based in Bordeaux, France, which means great health cover, insurance, holidays etc. It's also an awesome lifestyle and generally all round great place to live; being the wine capital of the world, 45 minutes from the beach, 3 hours from the ski slopes and extremely well connected in terms of flights and trains. And unless you want to live outside the city, you won’t spend your life in traffic or commuting.

Things to send:

CV/Resume or LinkedIn profile (if up to date)
Any portfolio links if you have examples of your own work

About IndieCatapult:

IndieCatapult is a hybrid game dev studio based in Bordeaux, France. We’re focused on the business and marketing aspects of shipping games, however we’re also deeply involved in the day to day creation and design of all the games we work on, especially Dead Cells.

Now we’re building an in house dev team with the backing of Motion Twin. Initially to help us create more content for Dead Cells, but with the clear goal of building our own IP in the near future. Level up while working on a recent indie smash hit, then help us build another.

We aim to build an environment, where initiative, personal responsibility and teamwork come together to allow every member of the team to leave their mark on our games and our company. Plus, we share our open space with Motion Twin and Shiro Games, which means there are plenty of experienced people around to learn from and talk games with.
Salary Depends on the profile, but always competitive.
Location Bordeaux, France
Job Category Programming
Date posted 14/11/2018
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