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Job Title Senior Games Designer - Indie Studio - North England
Job Category Games Designer,Level Designer,Lead Designer,Creative Director
Job Description Senior Games Designer
  • In this role you will be responsible for defining the content, either visually, verbally or in written form of titles.
  • Producing or assisting in the production of that content, ensuring as much as possible a high quality of content
  • Working proactively with the other members of the team, the Production team and the Creative Director to ensure that the design-related goals of the company are met in a timely manner
  • Working alongside the Audio Engineer in the design of any audible aspects of a project
  • Working alongside the Usability Analyst and implementing feedback to ensure the highest possible quality experience
  • Actively representing design interests in cross-discipline discussions and meetings both proactively and when requested to do so while encouraging a collaborative work ethic
  • Assessing the work of other designers and feeding back to them regularly to ensure a high quality of design output across the project Identifying and reporting all risks, progress and problems to your design lead and producer
  • Understanding the role of pacing, narrative, theme and mechanics in creating compelling gameplay experiences
  • Using player feedback and design direction to hone the gameplay experience
  • Working at the pre-production phase to set goals and define the scope of the project Leading the overall design of a project, delegating tasks and setting an example to the other designers

You should have:
  • A knowledge of a variety of game mechanics, game systems and genres.
  • An excellent ability to communicate your vision to artists, programmers, producers, marketing staff and others involved in the development process. This may involve presenting ideas both verbally and on paper, for which writing and the ability to communicate your idea in a visual form are required.
  • You must be comfortable working in third party game engines such as Unity and Unreal.
  • Senior Designers must have a good working knowledge of C#, blueprint, or equivalent, in order to be able to prove ideas in prototype form at the pre-production stage of development.
  • The ability to lead a team of designers to realise the overall vision of the game and ensure that the design goals are delivered to a high standard.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a design role within the games industry, the ideal candidate has experience within a senior role and has been responsible for leading other team members
  • Keen interest in and knowledge of game studies Information design and user interface design skills
  • Experience of developing gameplay mechanics
  • Experience of designing and integrating puzzles into levels
  • Experience of planning in the pre-production phase
  • Experience of giving feedback on quality issues to other team members with clearly defined objectives
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail and a proactive problem solver
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Unity and/or Unreal Experience of development using C# and/or blueprint OR equivalent
  • Comfortable working in a 3D package (Maya, Max, Blender OR equivalent) in order to create level layouts   

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Location Northern UK, UK & Europe
Job Category Game Design
Date posted 21/11/2018
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