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This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to work with the very best games and film

production teams in the industry on many levels!

Job Qualifications:

• Strong technical abilities using and animating in Autodesk Maya (Maya

experience required).

• Strong character animation background, including dialogue and emotionally

driven work.

• 5+ years of experience in facial animation or dialogue and emotion-driven

animation and/or 5+ years of experience in body animation including

advanced motion (fighting, etc.). facial animation experience or more,

experience with FACS, plus if you have experience with Faceware of Dynamixyz

• Experience working in video games is a plus, especially in Cinematic


• Must be able to provide a demo reel or examples of professional work with a

breakdown of your contributions to the shots, and an accompanying resume.

• Solid sense of storytelling, emotion, and character development.

• Ability to quickly and effectively solve problems and resolve any hurdles that

present themselves while working to create the best animation possible.


• Realistic and stylized facial animation of emotionally driven characters for a

AAA game.

• Realistic and stylized body animation from Motion Capture and Hand Key.

• Realistic animation of photorealistic characters using motion capture data,

with the ability to push and embellish character emotion and storytelling.

• Ability to communicate emotional arcs and tell a story through nuanced facial

performance and character acting.

• Ability to learn new programs and pipelines quickly and effectively.

(Experience in Faceware or Dynamixyz is a plus but not required).

• Proactive and driven, seeking out tasks remaining to be finished and actively

seeking opportunities to learn.

• Open to learning and implementing technical processes and pipelines in the

animation process to be able to get to a first pass, so more time can be spent

on detailed animation clean up.

• Strong communicator and collaborator, able to work efficiently with a team.

• Highly organized and diligent, able to meet quick deadlines while producing

high-quality animation.


Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Remote, OR 97458
Full time

Published on 01/04/2022

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