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Graphics Programmer C++ UE4/UE5, remote working, work from anywhere in the UK.

Graphics Programmer C++ UE4/UE5, remote working, work from anywhere in the UK.

This VR first studio are redefining the boundaries of VR immersion. They are looking for a talented Graphics Programmer to raise the bar on visual fidelity and performance, enabling their art team to realise their visual goals. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Platform optimization – Proactively identify and leverage graphics optimizations for traditional and tile-based architectures, including positional and rotational eye buffer reprojection, dynamic resolution, custom antialiasing, vertex compression, foveated rendering, custom antialiasing, and other appropriate techniques.  
  • Shader development – Write and optimize custom shaders to enhance the visual quality and performance of the game, collaborating closely with Technical Art to achieve the desired aesthetic while maintaining smooth and consistent frame rates. 
  • Performance Profiling – Utilize a variety of platform profiling tools to identify performance bottlenecks in the rendering pipeline. Work towards optimizing resource usage and minimizing latency.  
  • Cost Profiling - Assess the rendering cost of different elements within the scenes and provide insights to the team. Analyse the impact of various graphical elements on performance and suggest optimizations. 
  • Amortization Strategies – Identify performance bottlenecks and develop strategies to reduce rendering costs. This involves algorithmic efficiency and even distribution of workloads to avoid ‘spikes’ in performance disrupting the frame rate. 
  • Documentation – Create clear and comprehensive documentation for graphics-related code, optimizations, and best practices. Facilitate knowledge transfer within the team and contribute to the overall project documentation. 


Essential capabilities:  

  • Team player with effective communication – You can convey technical details with precision but also collaborate with cross-functional teams and non-technical people. You articulate complex concepts in a way that is accessible. 
  • Continuous Learning – You keep abreast of advancements in graphics programming, VR technology, and platform-specific updates to the SDKs. You apply new knowledge to improve the efficiency and visual quality of our game. 
  • Performance Testing – You conduct repeatable tests, providing feedback and recommendations for improvement. You collaborate with the QA team to address and resolve performance-related issues. 

Desired experience: 

  • Experience writing HLSL/GLSL shaders – Material Editor is a bonus, but the foundations must be handwritten shaders. 
  • Experience working with C++ and UE4, ideally UE5 
  • Vulkan knowledge is a bonus. 

Salary to £40k plus benefits

CVs to

Graphics Programmer C++ UE4/UE5, remote working, work from anywhere in the UK.

United Kingdom
Full time
1 - 2 years of experience

Published on 11 Dec 2023

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