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Head of Fanbase & Community (London or Remote)

CULT Games is building a new breed of games label. Built specifically for established development teams with strong creative vision, we are redefining games go-to-market putting games communities at creators at the front, where they belong.

This is a high-impact, high-influence role. You will be listened to, given freedom, given access to our world-class network and play a defining role in ensuring we are continuously innovating for the best results and experience for our partners, players & CULT as a whole.


As our Head of Fanbase & Community, you are responsible for designing and planning the  growth strategy for our games, fanbases and the CULT community. In this role, you will have substantial freedom to design, create and plan your ultimate growth strategy from setting up a global influencer growth strategy to defining the tone on our social pages.

Whether you are engaging with our superfans or the influencers across the globe, you will be a key face and voice of a next-gen publishing label.

Key Responsibilities

  • Define a global growth strategy to expand our fanbase across each of our games and the CULT community overall
  • Optimise for audience cross pollination to ensure our group and developer collective is stronger than the sum of its parts
  • Play a key role in the holistic Cult Games tone of voice and substantially contribute to our brand presentation
  • Play a leading role in our community interaction standards and MO of the ‘CULT’ (overall community across players, devs and influential partners) guidelines and rules
  • Build strong personal relationships with key and influential fans and creators
  • Be a critical senior conduit and representative connecting the thoughts, visions and feedback between CULT creators and their fans
  • Plan and produce community (CULT) events & meetups online and in person worldwide
  • Become an established and influential face/voice in key games and influencer/community events globally
  • Collaborate directly with game developers and with our internal teams in marketing, production and operations. 
  • Pioneer a CULT member program, working with creators, CULT community and, internally, executive to build a radically empowered/engaged game fn community
  • Work closely with Exec to lead, devise and rollout ambitious KPIs - and decide exactly how you want to achieve them
  • Act as a critically important CULT brand ambassador & leading voice amongst out CULT gamers, partners and community

The human

  • Highly strategic; able to lead and motivate others
  • Intuitively capable - able to comprehend, transmute and represent the vision, tone and drivers of divergent audiences and creative visions in both B2B & B2C environments
  • Highly organised; able to plan on-site and offline events for our community and fans
  • Blazing with a burning passion for games, creative and bringing people together
  • A smart, human-minded badass growth hacker
  • Ready to take risks; able to learn fast from the wins and losses along the way
  • Happy/confident and classy in telling our partners, Exec & CEO “Hell, yes!” or “Hell, NO” when you’re pushed to shoot crazy high
  • Able to work independently/remotely like a grown-ass human and delighted to be in London, UK semi-regularly. 

The Proof

  • You’ve grown a legitimate following (ideally in at least one major social media platform) from scratch, on any key channel, and can articulate your approach from why to how
  • You can demonstrate flawlessly engaging copywriting - in the language of the internet - ideally across more than one genre, medium or tone
  • You can prove you understand more than one key strategic social platform to a professional level
  • Strong network (or proven ability to build a network) across relevant influencers and key voices in a fanbase
  • You have either worked professionally in the games industry in a senior community role or you are a credible independent influencer in your own right eager to join the industry proper
  • Tell us what games you play, stream or talk about. We’re listening

Certain demographics are known for not applying for roles they do not 100% nail in the spec.

If you believe you have the ingredients to lead and execute, and what you’d need in the first 3 months to be way better than the next he/she/them, pitch it. Just remember this is a leadership role.

We typically get a lot of applications. This is a comms job. If you grab our attention, it will matter

Why join the CULT?

We are a new team with big ambitions. As a startup, we do not pay the highest salaries in the industry, but we do give big freedom and influence. We are looking for a high-impact, high-energy person to join us in building the vision from the ground.

A former SuperIndie group all with proven success and hype-driven hits behind us, our developer roster is fast filling with some of the best independent game studios in the iii space.

A SuperIndie label for SuperIndie devs, our goal is to be the best truly independent games publishing group in the industry.

We’re looking for talented, hungry, ambitious executors who love to be around one another. Our devs go hard and we show up for them. It matters we all enjoy the ride.

Gender/Race/Orientation is irrelevant.
We are looking for people who are proven in and passionate about games and their craft. World class people we’re excited to have in our house.


If this sounds like you,

Come build a CULT with us.

Head of Fanbase & Community (London or Remote)

London, UK
Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 11/14/2022

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