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Level Designer

We’re looking for talented level/world designers/creators to create Online Multiplayer environments in Dreams.

We’re looking for a mid-level/senior designer with online, multiplayer or co-op experience to be part of an award winning team to design and build multiplayer environments and gameplay in Dreams.

We’d love to hear from you if you have...

●  Previous experience working on shipped titles with a significant online focus OR you are an active creator with significant experience
    publishing complete game experiences within the Dreamiverse
●  Experience with 3D world and level building tools (e.g. Dreams/Unity/Unreal)
●  Strong knowledge of both conceptual and practical aspects of game, level and world design
●  Significant level and open world design and creation experience
●  Accountability for all documentation, development and bug fixing of levels and open spaces.
●  the ability to collaborate within a small team and openness to feedback.
●  Demonstrable experience with the iterative development process.
●  a strong interest in designing and creating online social games for a broad audience
●  a proactive and self motivated approach, ability to concisely and coherently prototype and pitch your own design ideas to the team and iterate      based on feedback.
●  a proven ability to receive and prioritise feedback from a variety of sources.
●  an ability to independently and pre-emptively identify and address issues with your work.


●  Have experience with Dreams as a game creation tool
●  Understanding of systems design; variety of online multiplayer game modes, player progression, balancing, leveling, end game design, etc.
●  A technical background in scripting or programming would be beneficial
●  Experience building gameplay environments that support multiple gameplay systems.
●  Have developed or supported online gaming communities or titles

Advice on Applications

●  All applications would ideally contain a portfolio of work.
●  We review countless applications. Follow these golden rules when submitting a portfolio:
             o  Start with your best and most recent work.
             o  Only include material that you’re confident will impress us.
             o  Only include other work if it’s relevant.
             o  Make sure it’s presented in a digital format which is easy to access and  read.
             o  Remember that this is a games development position. Work examples in games and game engines are more valuable to us.

● Our interviews are direct and challenging. Make sure you prepare and research beforehand

Level Designer

Guildford, UK
Full time

Published on 07/19/2021

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