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Senior Narrative Designer

Crytek is looking for a passionate and experienced Senior Narrative Designer to join the team in Frankfurt, Germany full time. The successful candidate will become a key member of our in-house narrative team and be a part of world-building, design, writing, and technical implementation of game narrative for an unannounced AAA title. 
Our ideal candidate will bring both high-level writing and technical skills and experience to the table. If you are a creative and enthusiastic problem solver, imaginative writer and world builder, proactive, organized, flexible, team player, we look forward to seeing your application. 
Our team is highly collaborative, and we are looking for a Narrative Designer who is able to write fluidly in a shared world; can provide clear, constructive feedback on texts written by others; has a spot-on sense of tone and a creative vision – and adaptability - that aligns with the project vision; understands the need for gameplay and story to be deeply intertwined; and can work across departments to develop and iterate on storytelling elements. 

As a Narrative Designer you will:

  • Write. This includes: character creation, world building, short fiction, dialogue, environment prop texts, mission flows and side quests, weapon names, UI elements, and anything else you have ever seen in a video game that involves words. You will need a solid understanding of multiple writing styles, compelling skill with dialogue, and the ability to switch between styles, tones, and genres as required.  
  • Prototype (and iterate). You will take an active role in the development of all narrative aspects – both on the writing side and technical side – of a new project, in close collaboration with a team. 
  • Implement (and iterate). Together with the team, you will build a world from the ground up, set up and maintain narrative systems, create and maintain world-bible documents and general in-world consistency, own dialogue creation and implementation, including voice over direction, quality control, and implementation. In short: creation, implementation, and maintenance of all in-game narrative elements. 
  • Skillset:

  • 5+ years experience in a Narrative Design position 
  • At least 2 professionally shipped titles 
  • Exceptional writing, proofreading, and copyediting skills (American English) 
  • Outstanding English communication skills, both verbal and written 
  • Team player – narrative and gameplay will be developed hand in hand, and cross-department collaboration and communication are a must 
  • A passion for storytelling in all forms, with an emphasis on knowledge of storytelling in video games 
  • Proactive, organized 
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and to iterate on your work 
  • Experience with CRYENGINE, or another game engine 
  • Scripting knowledge a big plus (Python and/or C++) 
  • Familiarity with Excel, JIRA, Word, Teams 
  • Familiarity with localization pipelines a plus 
  • Application details:

  • In your cover letter, please highlight the professional experiences that make you a good fit for the position. 
  • Additionally, please provide three writing samples, (ideally) combined into a PDF. These samples should showcase your ability to write across genres and styles and should not exceed ten pages. Due to the large volume of applications, we will not review anything longer. If your portfolio pieces are on your website, please provide a link to the specific three pieces you would like to highlight. 
  • Qualified applicants will be asked to complete a Narrative Design test. 
  • Senior Narrative Designer

    Full time

    Published on 05/28/2021

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