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Sound Supervisor, Formosa Interactive UK

An amazing Demo Reel to showcase your experience and skills should be included in your application if you wish to be considered for this role!

Who we are!

As part of the Streamland Media Group, Formosa (Interactive) is home to elite creative talent, cutting edge technology and world-class management, that provides end to end audio content for global developers and publishers on every screen and platform. Our workflow is collaborative and generates results that are celebrated across the industry. From sound design, cinematic mix, music, voice over and engine integration and implementation - we offer personalised solutions for projects of every size and scope. Our employees represent a culture of ambition and innovation – where our talent is rewarded with generous company benefits, professional development opportunities,training, and competitive salaries.

What we do! 

Our team of award-winning sound designers and supervisors deliver custom sound design, sound engineering, sound editing, Foley, linear, runtime mixing, field recording and sound integration to get projects to the next level. With one of the largest proprietary sound libraries in the world, we excel in weapon design, vehicles, magic systems, ambiances and much more for cinematic and gameplay.

What we need!

Formosa Interactive UK is looking for an experienced Sound Supervisor to oversee and support game projects from all perspectives. This is a full-time position with benefits. A flexible combination of remote and on-site work is the norm within our culture of creative collaboration; however the ideal candidate would be based in the London area or within easy commute to our Soho studios.

Our supervisor will set the tone and oversee audio in one or more projects. Put together and manage audio teams for each project, while providing creative leadership and consistent direction.   This ‘best of both worlds’ position pairs the individual contributions of sound, music, & systems design with high level oversight. Become part of the growing Formosa Group audio community alongside some of the finest audio professionals across all mediums, where excellence and quality are paramount. 


What we need you to do!

  • Be part of the creative leadership team of Formosa Interactive
  • Work directly with game development teams
  • Collaborate with client creative directors and audio directors
  • Set the audio aesthetic for projects and creatively direct other designers
  • Design game audio systems and oversee their development
  • Build audio teams for specific projects
  • Oversee the work audio leads, sound designers, and audio implementors

What Experience we’re looking for!

Leadership & People -

  • Experience as a Sound Supervisor, Audio Lead or Audio Director at a game development company
  • A growth mindset and eagerness to mentor and develop talent
  • Cross-discipline collaborative experience, both creative and technical 
  • Empathy and desire to foster an inclusive environment
  • People management experience
  • Successfully shipped games as an audio lead/audio director

Creative Design -

  • High degree of sound design, music design, and/or technical sound design proficiency
  • A high-level understanding of the game development process across disciplines
  • Big-picture creativity applied to large scale projects

Technical & Production-

  • Experience shipping games with Unreal, Unity, or similar proprietary game editor. 
  • Experience shipping projects using Wwise audio middleware or similar.
  • Familiarity with game audio production pipelines and how to find efficiencies 

Sound Supervisor, Formosa Interactive UK

London, UK
Full time

Published on 12/02/2022

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