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Job Title Game Lead - Chat Games - South East UK
Job Category Producer,Project Manager,Development Director,Executive Producer
Job Description Mojiworks is a fast-growing UK startup pioneering social games for chat and messaging apps, built on our own web technology platform. Our ambitious, hyper-collaborative team is our key to success. Winner of the Best Places to Work Diversity Award in 2018.

As a Game Lead at Mojiworks you’ll be at the focal point of creating, developing, and operating games that pioneer how millions of people play together. You’ll have the chance to shape the way we develop games and the kind of company we’re creating. And you’ll be supported to do the best work of your career, in a company that cares about your learning and development.

This role is perfect for people with experience in free-to-play game development and product direction who want to work on new platforms and the opportunities that enables.

The Role
Game Leads at Mojiworks are the catalysts that bring our teams hard work together to create pioneering games for messaging platforms. You’ll hold the vision for a game, and be able to harness the creativity of your team to take a project from early concept, through prototyping and production, to initial launch and onwards live development.

You’ll absorb many different sources of information to help you make decisions, including team ideas and feedback, user testing output, large amounts of live game data, and your own experience and instincts. Your goal will be to make games with the potential to be loved by millions and delivering those in short timescales, months rather than years, to learn from the experiences of real players.

Collaboration and iteration are our core values at Mojiworks, and this role is the prime example of the excitement and tension of those things. You will inspire teams to work on visionary ideas, but you aren’t precious about your own. You have a deep understanding of the creative process and its inherent rollercoaster of success and failure, but know that organisation and determination will see you through.

At Mojiworks, we’re inspired by the likes of Pixar, Nintendo, and Supercell to do the best work of our careers and make the platform defining games for messaging - while building an exceptionally great company. You will be too.

This a senior level role.


  • Be the focal point of a 2 to 10 person creative team, being the vision holder and arbitrator that is the catalyst for making games loved by millions
  • Run the story-and-sprint process for a team, using, to constantly iterate on a product from early concept all the way to live development
  • Study the mobile game and messaging market, and use this knowledge to help your team excel our competitors
  • Inspire your team to do the best work of their careers, by earning their respect and trust through honest communication, high quality work, and true collaboration


Expertise at shipping innovative software products aimed at a mass-market audience

  • Deep understanding of the mobile, and wider, games market and the ability to use that to guide teams of creatives to make something exceptional
  • Clear and confident communication style
  • Skill at collaborating in, not above, a team
  • Drive to absorb and understand as many data points as possible, from team instinct to user testing to live data, to inform making good decisions
  • You’ll be additive to a culture where we strive to collaborate closely, and iterate quickly and effectively to make amazing things happen


  • Background as a hands-on developer, artist, or designer
  • Deep interest and understanding of the creative process and how to harness that to create products for the mass-market
  • An analytical and creative approach to problem solving

We Offer

  • Bright, comfy studio space in the heart of Guildford, the geekily glamorous ‘Hollywood of Games’, just half an hour by train from central London
  • 25 days paid holiday, plus all public holidays
  • Share options scheme
  • Annual self-development budget of £1000
  • Company anniversary celebration for team, partners, and families - we just held our first one at Thorpe Park
  • Regular outings, games/pub evenings and ad hoc socials
  • Endless supplies of tasty snacks (varying degrees of healthiness)
  • A memorable celebration on passing probations and anniversaries
  • Daily trailblazing with a humble, hardworking team of good humans

About Mojiworks
Mojiworks is a friendly, funded and fast-growing UK startup dedicated to pioneering chat games. Founded in 2016, we started experimenting early by making collaborative messaging games that lots of people played and loved, and now we’re working with Facebook on next-generation Instant Games, tailor-made for Facebook Messenger, that we believe will be platform-defining. We have a great head start on achieving our ambition to become the global leader in games for messaging, and our highest priority right now is building a diverse and happy team to co-create a whole portfolio of totally new, inclusive messaging games to delight millions of players across the world.

We’ll value your unique spark, ideas and contributions and support you to do the best work of your career, encouraging discovery and learning every step of the way.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Have a go at hard problems, learn fast, and try to be progressively better at everything we do
  • Highly value honesty, differing viewpoints, creative thinking and transparency
  • Promote health and happiness, and funnel them into creating amazing games.
Location Mojiworks, Guildford, United Kingdom
Job Category Production
Date posted 14/10/2018
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