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Job Title Senior UI Technical Artist - SUMO INDIA
Job Category UI / UX Designer / Artist
Job Description Established in 2007, Sumo Video Games is one of India’s leading video game developers. We work hand in hand with Sumo Digital’s UK studios to build ground-breaking games and content for some of the world’s biggest publishers including Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Sega.
It’s an exciting time to be part of Sumo, winners of the Develop: Star Awards 2019 Best Studio; big things are on the horizon and we want you to be part of our continued journey. Join us!

Within this role you will:
• Work with the lead artist and programmers to implement, structure and maintain the games front-end and user interfaces.
• Help develop scripts, maintain data structures, structure string tables and asset libraries to maximize production support and project infrastructure.
• Profile and optimize the user-interface to help improve performance
• Create animations and FX for use in the games UI.
• Solve problems effectively and creatively with an ability to scale quality when time or deadlines require it.
• Collaborate closely with UX and UI team members to iterate and consider the gameplay implications of the design and the overall player experience.
• Supporting integration with continuous testing on a broad range of devices and cases to ensure the UI remains responsive and intuitive to use.
• Put yourself in the driving seat to tackle and solve problem from the players perspective.
• Always thinking to drive quality work.

We need you to have:
• A background in Games, App or Web Development is highly recommended.
• Knowledge of Unity game engine.
• Fastidious attention to detail in order to push the visual and technical barriers further.
• Basic understanding of 3D and 2D packages highly advantageous.
• Illustration skills to help develop UI assets when required.
• High degree in confidence in layout theory using anchor points, slicing and scaling, aspect ratios, layering and data driven design.
• Knowledge in node-based logic systems such as Shadergraphs, Kismet/Blueprints.
• ‘Can do’ attitude with confidence in your ability to work to a design spec/brief whilst able to use your own intuition to fill in gaps.
• An open approach to collaboration and feedback from others.
• Excellent communication skills.
Salary Based on experience
Location Anywhere
Job Category Art / Animation
Date posted 11/08/2020
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Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Sumo Digital using their internal reference bc61e52e-0b26-4f54-aeb2-a4e0f539f8f3.
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