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Airstrafe Interactive ( is a Los Angeles game studio that follows a very simple game design core value: maximize player expression as much as possible. We are developing our debut title, "Please Buy Something," a multiplayer online co-op shopkeeping action RPG that is pioneering and defining a new video game genre.


Build the #1 shopping district while protecting your community from rivals! “Please Buy Something” is a new multiplayer online co-op shopkeeping action RPG. Coming soon to Steam.

  • [Premise:] After you wash ashore on an island of shopping districts, an elderly shop owner and a long-forgotten android allow you to live with them in their neglected shopping district and hire you to work for them as a shopkeeper. You are given the chance to leave your past behind, build a new life, and improve your new home. Combating frequent debt payments and attacks from rival shopping districts, you hold the fragile fate of your new community in your hands. What are you willing to do to make your new neighborhood the #1 shopping district?
  • [Multiplayer Co-Op:] Play with friends or play solo.
  • [Many Ways to Play:] Choose your own experience. Will you forage, wholesale, dungeon crawl, live a life of crime, or a little bit of everything
  • [Shopkeeping Your Way:] Fully control your shopkeeping experience. What kind of business will you build from the ground up? How will you set your prices?
  • [Become the #1 Shopping District:] Plant trees, fix roads, and more to make your shopping district the most desired community.
  • [A Living Game World:] Artificially intelligent denizens of your world come alive.
  • [Sell Anything:] If you can pick it up, then you can sell it. There is a market for everything--at the right price.
  • [Everything is a Weapon:] If you can pick it up, then you can fight with it. Bring a couch to a knife fight.
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Company size: 
11-50 employees
Wanted occupational fields: 
2D / Concept / Texture Artist, Animator, Character Artist, Environment Artist, Graduate Animator, Graduate Artist, Lead Animator, Lead Artist, Technical Animator, UI / UX Designer / Artist, VFX / Lighting Artist, Programming, Graduate Programmer, Lead Programmer, Lead QA Tester, QA Director, QA Manager, QA Tester
Wanted field of studies: 
Animation, Art, Computer Science, Games Design, Games Programming


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