Alpaca Metaverse

Alpaca Metaverse


Alpaca Metaverse is the newly established game development studio from Alpaca Finance, a top 50 blockchain company within the Decentralized Finance("DeFi") industry, that hosts ~$1 billion USD in platform assets. Alpaca focuses on new media exploration and development within the emerging segments of NFTs, metaverse, Web 3.0, and play-to-earn blockchain gaming, which has exploded onto the gaming scene this past year following the breakout successes of titles like Axie Infinity, which have generated billions of revenue in 2021.

Since launching in March 2021, Alpaca Finance has quickly grown to generate $100 million USD in revenue, and successfully grown one of the largest user bases and most resonant brands in the sector, becoming a widely recognized and respected leader in decentralized lending and savings products, as well as NFTs and emerging media. Leveraging this following, Alpaca raised $6.3 million from a user-driven NFT sale to fund the development of their first game.

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51-250 employees
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Game Design, Games Designer, Graduate Game Designer, Lead Designer, Level Designer, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Production, Assistant Producer, Executive Producer, Producer, Project Manager

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