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Centigrade GmbH
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We are not a classic games company, but one of the leading UX & Gamification agencies in Germany since 2005. Like no other company in this field, we combine the serious world of industrial design with playful and technological approaches from the gaming world. 

Join our UX team and design meaningful serious games and gamification concepts for medical, rehabilitation, fitness and life sciences apps. 

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11-50 employees
Wanted occupational fields: 
UI / UX Designer / Artist, Web / Graphic Designer, Level Designer, Flash / Actionscript / HTML5, Lead Programmer, Writer, 2D / Concept / Texture Artist, Project Manager, UI / Front End



How flexible can I arrange my work time and location?

As flexible as you could possibly get. You can work from literally anywhere - as you can see by some of our uploaded pictures, we even worked together outside. Also we are very in terms of when and how much you work - part time welcome!

Will I be able to develop my skills?

Oh, yes, definitely. Every Centigrade employee receive a free educational budget of 5 days to experiment with new technologies or visit gaming conferences. Also, you have a lot of skilled colleagues that are willing to guide and coach you whenever you are stuck.

What game engines are you using?

As we see our core technology in a modern web stack, we are basing most our work on ThreeJS and Typescript. We do have other projects though, that rely on Unity3D as a game engine.

Why is Centgrade better than any other games company?

Because Centigrade is not a games company Just kidding - we do a lot of Gaming stuff, especially Serious Games, however, we work together with a lot of serious


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Science Park 2
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