Enduring Games

Enduring Games


Enduring Games is an independent studio doing high-end co-developmentOriginal IP, and value-add re-targets or ports (made special for hardware).

That’s us.

(A few announced and shipped projects include co-development on Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5Godfall for PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games StoreKnockout City for Nintendo SwitchPlayStation, and Xbox platforms, the cross-platform play update for Borderlands 3, building the first Unreal Engine video-on-demand application with Crunchyroll for the Nintendo Switch system, cross-platform play support for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and helping in a big way with the Nintendo Switch version of Bugsnax.)

Enduring Games is a diverse studio that includes experienced industry developers who have kept our skills and experience cutting edge through the years, and amazing new talent who want to move fast and contribute in big ways. We use our expertise and our industry relationships for you – Our platform, development, & publishing partners, and our gamer fans.

Whether by ourselves or part of a larger effort to bring games to fans, Enduring Games makes longstanding products made special for video game hardware.

Located in Austin, Texas, we work with amazing partners around the world.


Our values – Starting and ending with making good games with good people – directly contribute to making high-quality products & high quality followers, build brands, create lasting franchises , and empower voluntary ambassadors for games.

  • Character Matters – Collaboration, Accountability, Communication, Confidentiality, and Craftsmanship are core to the success of our studio and our Partners
  • Quality in Everything – Ensure all content matters, filling games with rich, quality content (which is what we want as gamers)
  • Everything is a Product – Everything has a quality bar, customers, distribution, and value
  • Everything is a Project – Everything has a budget, a deadline, milestones, customers, and measurable success
  • A Center for Excellence – We are a group of passionate professionals who know our craft and our at the top of our professional game, we want to do more with our Skills, Expertise, & Experience, and we are running a business (not a body shop)

Our company culture is geared to equip, empower, stretch, and grow our team, so we can do more than we can by ourselves, and more than studios bigger than us can produce – All while maintaining a high quality of life.

Giving Back, Building Up

We have a responsibility to elevate people in the world around us, and to create a space for those who don’t have equitable opportunities historically or in today’s world, and we do this through

  • Taking care of our community (Listener-supported KUTX radio, Safe In Austin)
  • Taking care of our future (Girls Who Code)
  • Taking care of our veterans (Operation Supply Drop)
  • Taking care of needs in the moment (Contributing to local and global catastrophes and impacts as needs arise)
Company profile type: 
Company size: 
11-50 employees
Developer, Services
Wanted occupational fields: 
Art / Animation, Animator, Character Artist, Environment Artist, Technical Animator, UI / UX Designer / Artist, Production, Game Design, Lead Designer, Programming


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