At Infernozilla, we have international, talented, and “A” players with decades of combined experience who can outwork and outsmart anyone in the industry.

Since 2016 operating out of Dallas, Texas, we have been serving indie games of all sizes from an army of one, to large studios of 100+ employees. We have over 40 phenomenal games in our portfolio, including but not limited to free-to-play, co-op, FPS, strategy, puzzle, action/adventure, and VR games.

Need help nurturing communities, building hardcore fans, and spreading your reach through social media? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We will shoot for the audience that best fits your brand and game through influencer outreach, grassroots marketing, and any angle that will bring the best success to your game.

We are passionate gamers first, and games experts second, that’s why we get it! Be ready for new team members, rather than just another agency you hire and only hear from during monthly reports with fancy fluff charts.

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11-50 employees

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