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Over the past three decades, we have developed games for console, handheld and PC. Be it our own or working on existing IP, we have only embarked on projects that we truly believed in. All of which helped shape us into the incredibly experienced studio that we are today. 

We are a collection of highly creative, driven team players who love making games. Every single team member has the ability to impact our games, the studio and make Keen Games feel like home. To attract and retain industry-leading talent we strive to offer flexibility, keeping our people's needs at the forefront of the decision we make.

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
11-50 employees
Developer, Publisher
Wanted occupational fields: 
Art / Animation, Games Designer, Level Designer, Brand / Product Manager


Do you offer flexible working hours?

Yes, we do! We have a core working time from 10am to 4pm, but other than that you are free to decide when to work. If you are based abroad and work fully remotely we will figure out what's best.

Can I work fully remotely

Yes you can. Our infrastructure is set up in a way that we can collaborate with you all over the world.

Can I work on-site?

Yes you can. We offer a flexible solutions. You can work remotely, on-site or a mixture of it.

Do you offer permanent contracts?

Usually we offer permanent contracts. We are always looking for long-term relationships. That does not mean we do not want to work with you if you are only looking for a limited employment. Let's discuss.

How many vacation days do I get?

We offer 25 days of paid vacation. For every two years you are staying with us, you get an additional vacation day up to 30 days a year. Obviously plus public holidays.

If I work remotely how do I meet the team?

Every week we have regular virtual coffee breaks and we have regular dinners after each iteration where we meet in person.

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Company Benefits: 

Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Medical Insurance
Pension / 401k