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Rivet Games


Rivet Games was set up in 2019, with a staff of around 20, producing top quality content for a variety of video games. Building on years of prior experience of developing the highest quality environments and vehicle models for Train Simulator and Train Sim World, the Rivet team have a passion for ensuring everything they do is accurate, built to the highest possible standards, and above all, is fun and enjoyable. 

CEO Tim Gatland joined the games industry in 2000 from a software project management background and set up project finance company Fund4Games which funded the development of what turned into Train Simulator and
Dovetail Games, where he was CTO.

Commercial Director Colin Macdonald has overseen dozens of games in his 30+ years in the games industry, including Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and numerous TV tie-ins games from his time as Channel 4 Television’s Games Commissioner.

To meet some of the team and learn more about how they go about their jobs, check out some of our developer blog videos on our YouTube channel -  www.youtube.com/RivetGames

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
11-50 employees
Wanted occupational fields: 
Art / Animation



Michele Brodie 
Office Manager

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