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Rocksteady Studios is an award-winning, critically acclaimed video game developer. Founded in 2004, we are home to the widely celebrated Batman: Arkham series of games.

Our philosophy for game development is all about treating people well to create quality entertainment that stands the test of time. We’re a one-project studio that built our success by combining genre-defining gameplay and character-driven cinematic narrative with AAA production values.

Born in the heart of London, our multicultural team takes inspiration from the culture and history of our home in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

When we founded Rocksteady 18 years ago, we wanted to create a studio that makes great games and treats its people well. Thanks to the amazing people who have joined us since then, we've made a few award-winning Batman games, grown our team to over 250, and created some great memories together.

Our next game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and we can't wait to get it into the hands of our fans in 2023.

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
251-1000 employees
Wanted occupational fields: 
Art / Animation, Animator, Character Artist, Cinematics / Mocap, Lead Animator, Technical Animator, VFX / Lighting Artist, Community Management, Community Manager, Game Design, Recruiter, IT / Technical Support, Production, Producer, Programming, AI / Artificial Intelligence, Animation Programmer, Audio Programmer, Build Engineer, Core Technology, Gameplay, Graphics / Engine, Lead Programmer, Tools, Lead QA Tester, QA Tester, Sound / Music, Sound Designer
Wanted field of studies: 
Animation, Art, Computer Science, Engineering, Games Design, Games Programming, Mathematics, Music



Do you offer remote or hybrid working?

Absolutely! The pandemic has taught us that we don’t need to be together in the same physical space, in order to create fantastic games. We can’t support remote working in every territory in the world – and certain teams find it easier to accommodate remote working than others (MoCap requires a dedicated & rigged space, for example) - but we can facilitate both UK remote working, and international remote working across certain roles.

Your Recruiter will be able to have a conversation with you on what your options are, if the role includes reference to remote and/or hybrid on the role description.

Our fully-equipped London studio is still fully operational, with most teams having staff working from the studio at least part of the week.

What benefits does Rocksteady offer?

One of our core values is treating people well – and this absolutely applies to our compensation, benefits and perks. We have best-in-class benefits – you can take a look here!

Beyond our benefits, we also enjoy a huge array of perks like invites to Warner Bros. Film Premieres, access to the digital DC Comics vault, free WB Games Studios Games and Merch – and much, much more!

Do you offer immigration sponsorship and/or relocation support?

Where we can extend immigration support in line with UK Government guidance, we are happy to request sponsorship for new hires requiring immigration support. We may not be able to offer sponsorship/right to work documents for territories outside of the UK. For those relocating to join our team, we can offer both a support package and dedicated relocation team, to ensure things go as smoothly as possible!

If you require right-to-work sponsorship or relocation support, please let your Recruiter know as early as possible (preferably at the point of your application) so we can discuss your situation, and timeline for the next steps, in the initial phase of the hiring process.

Can I apply to multiple jobs at Rocksteady?

We advise to choose and apply to the top 3 most relevant Rocksteady positions, based on your interests and experience! Our Recruiting team is happy to recommend additional role options that might be a good fit based on your application, too.

If applying to the same role after your application wasn’t progressed, please do highlight any new skills or experience you may have earned in between your applications!

I applied for a job with you, but I haven’t heard back. What happens now?

We aim to respond to most applications within 3 weeks. Do check your junk/spam folders in case any communications have landed by there. There are sometimes circumstances where we might be shortlisting for a longer period – but as a general rule, if you have not heard from us within three weeks, we may have progressed with other candidates for the role.

I applied previously but wasn’t successful, can I reapply?

Absolutely! We’d be more than happy to hear from you again – but please do highlight your updated experience and skills, since your last application. We have a number of individuals in the studio who joined Rocksteady, after multiple applications.

Can I request accommodations for my interview?

Absolutely! If you need for us to provide any accommodations as part of the hiring process, please let us know at the point of your application (there's a dedicated email address to contact) – or ask your recruiter directly, and we will ensure we can accommodate any requested adjustments.

Do you offer work experience opportunities, internships or similar?

We don't have plans to open any work experience or internship placements at this time.

Do follow our Social Media accounts here for updates on initiatives and projects where we will be partnering with external organisations to run training, workshops and programs to help individuals gain valuable experience in the Games industry.

For Internships and similar early-careers placements, keep an eye on the Warner Brothers Discovery Early Careers Page where our postings would be advertised.

I have no experience in the games industry. Should I apply?

Games industry experience can certainly be helpful, but not always necessary for our open positions!

It's important to put together an excellent application that demonstrates your skills, and ideally your understanding of the game development process, and how this would help you thrive in the specified role.

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Company Benefits: 

Childcare Support
Dental Insurance
Eye Test Vouchers
Free lunch
Gym Membership
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Medical Insurance
Pension / 401k