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SeoCamp is the premier management platform designed specifically for SEO agencies. Our tool streamlines the planning, execution, and monitoring of Off-Page SEO campaigns, allowing you to manage collaborating publishers and websites effortlessly. With SeoCamp, you can track keyword performance, monitor backlinks, and generate comprehensive reports—all in one intuitive dashboard.

Why Choose SeoCamp?

Boost Campaign Effectiveness by Up to 75%:

Consistent Workflow: Plan campaigns seamlessly, create clear procedures for publishers and copywriters, and adhere strictly to publication schedules.
Real-Time Overview: Instantly check the status of articles, backlinks, keywords, and tasks. Identify and address issues promptly.
Accurate Reporting: Generate detailed reports manually or automatically, making data-driven decisions easier for you and your clients.

Key features

Interactive Dashboard:

An easy-to-navigate control panel with graphs and visualizations for quick insights into campaign performance, keyword trends, and task statuses.

Task Management:

View and manage tasks with an interactive calendar. Highlight overdue tasks in red and completed ones in green for clear status updates.

Article and Publisher Management:

Track articles from inception to publication. Monitor top publishers and websites, identify problem articles, and ensure anchors and links remain intact.

Website & Publisher Integration:

Add and manage collaborating publishers and their websites. Check domain authority monthly, filter sites by various criteria, and choose the best offers for publication.

SEO Campaigns:

Oversee ongoing campaigns, plan new ones, and manage articles and backlinks efficiently. Automatically check backlink validity and track link statistics.

Keyword Monitoring:

Monitor keyword performance weekly across various search engines and devices. Export data and analyze SERP positions to refine your strategies.

Competitor Analysis:

Track the top 100 results for keywords and analyze your competitors' movements to stay ahead. Export rankings and generate detailed reports.


Generate and customize reports based on your preferences. Schedule automatic report deliveries to keep your clients informed and engaged.

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SeoCamp Platform 
SeoCamp Platform 

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