Subscrible is the first catalog app that offers an ad-free, uninterrupted gaming experience at no cost.

The company addresses two key problems faced by gaming studios: reliance on ad revenues and the need to bolster the effectiveness of acquiring and retaining users. Since its launch in 2024, Subscrible has amassed over 15,000 users and partnered with games such as Archero, Asphalt, Fantastic Jewel Lost Kingdom, and more.

The number of mobile players is increasing every year, and users generally do not limit themselves to a single game, but, on average, use 3 to 12 apps. The main problem is that developers regularly lose money from poor-quality ads, and currently disabling ads does not solve this problem for gamers. Users can't pay for every disabling ad in every game, they need a unified solution that will save them from the headache. This makes Subscrible a utilitarian game catalog app that creates an effective balance between monetization and user satisfaction.

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