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3D Animator - Senior Level

We are looking for a seasoned 3D Animator/Rigger to work closely with our Game Director to bring characters and assets to life, and create a solid and polished gameplay experience across a variety of projects; designing animation systems that combine to create fluid, reactive movement while also serving the style and narrative.

We are flexible on location, hours and contract HOWEVER you must be experienced and able to join our team capably. 

Role Responsibilities

  • Creating high-quality hand-keyed character and creature animations in Blender.
  • Managing and mentoring other animators.
  • Creating accurate estimates and ensuring deliveries are met.
  • Help troubleshoot rigging issues.

Skills & Required Experience

  • Have a minimum 5-7 years of industry experience in video games.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Unity engine.
  • A passion for animating believable CG characters and the requisite attention to detail.
  • Strong self-management skills.
  • Experience of providing feedback to other animators.
  • Be a strong problem-solver and a good communicator across multiple disciplines.
  • Ability to adapt and work within new pipelines.
  • In-depth knowledge of Blender with experience of rigging and skinning.
  • Ability to write technical documentation and present your work (wiki, screen cap etc.).
  • In-depth knowledge of anatomy for bipeds and quadrupeds, skeletons and muscles.
  • Experience of exporting animations to Unity
  • Experience of implementing animations in Unity


  • Knowledge of Rigify or Auto Rig Pro addons.
  • Life drawing or organic modelling especially human anatomy.
  • Knowledge of importing/exporting mocap data.
  • Knowledge of/enthusiasm for RPG and farming/social/management sim genres.
  • Knowledge of/enthusiasm for modern dinosaur depictions/paleontology.
  • Knowledge of farming/social/management sim genres.

3D Animator - Senior Level

Italic Pig Limited
Full time, Part time, Contract
3 - 5 years of experience
High school

Published on 06/28/2022

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