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Build Engineer

Avalanche Studios Group and its division Avalanche Studios are crafting our next cutting-edge AAA open-world game, and we’re now looking for a Build Engineer to join our team in Stockholm!
The PositionDeveloping games at Avalanche Studios involves building and managing large code bases and large amounts of data. The efficiency of the code and asset pipelines can be the differentiating factor between a blockbuster success and a failure. This is where you as the Build Engineer come in.
This is a great opportunity to join the build systems team and contribute to an environment where our developers are efficient and productive. Being a part of this team means that a lot of people will rely on your expertise and the optimal candidate will thrive under such circumstances.
On a typical day you will work closely with the build systems to improve the efficiency of our designers, artists and programmers. You will continuously analyze the asset creation pipeline and optimize it for user efficiency, compilation time and resource utilization.
To succeed in this role will require strong programming skills; preferably with some experience working with asset and code build systems. You are a team player with a strong desire to share your knowledge with others. You are also results-oriented and have the ability to quickly absorb new information and transform it into creative solutions.
We believe that a great candidate for this role understands that rapid iterations is key to making great games and we consider previous experience in these domains a big plus.
What you'll do:

  • Update build jobs and pipelines as well as managing version control systems
  • Improve build workflows and compilation turnaround times
  • Setup and improve the build and the testing infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot operational issues
  • Improve submission and delivery processes
  • Manage integrations of tools and project branches

Who you are:

  • Strong skills in Python
  • Programming experience with build / tools and configuration software
  • Have good understanding of version control systems, preferably Perforce
  • Good skills in C, C++ and/or Go
  • Good skills in Jenkins/CI
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience with containerization (using Docker)

The Stockholm location
Our Stockholm office is situated in Södermalm, the beating heart of the city’s game industry. It’s a physical representation of our games – the lush vegetation of Just Cause and theHunter: Call of the Wild meets corroded metal straight out of Mad Max. It has everything you need to make it your creative base camp.
Our values
At Avalanche Studios Group, we create worlds beyond limits. But that’s not exclusive to our games, so we’re committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workplace. All Avalanchers have a shared responsibility to create an open work environment where everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Being part of our world is not contingent on your heritage, your gender, or sexual orientation. It’s all about your passion and creativity.
How to apply
To apply for this position, please register below and provide your CV in English. We review applications continuously. All further studio-related information is provided under a non-disclosure agreement.

Build Engineer

Full time

Published on 25 Jan 2024

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