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Lead Game Designer

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Lead Game Designer

Sarepta Studio is a Norwegian game development studio creating emotionally impactful and
atmospheric games, best known for the BAFTA- winning “My Child Lebensborn”. Founded in
2010, the company has 16 full-time employees in a young and creative work environment in
Hamar. For mobile games Sarepta uses Unity, and for PC/Console games, Unreal. We are
seeking passionate new team members to join us in developing games for PC and Console.

Lead Game Designer
We are seeking a versatile and driven Game Designer to join our team in finalizing our newest
IP: “Thalassa - Edge of the Abyss” and for development of further 3D - game IPs.

Because of Covid-19 and increased home-offices we are open for hires to work remotely, but we
are also a tight-knit team and would of course see it as a strength to be able to work together in
our Hamar offices.

Your responsibilities as Lead Game Designer

● Mocking up new game features and ideas.
● Working with developers and artists to convert ideas into prototypes.
● Write design documentation and assist project manager during planning and scoping.
● Collaborate closely with the team to make sure that the game’s vision come to life.

Your main task of collaborating with the team will largely consist of research into relevant games and
designs, design meetings, workshops, documenting game design choices, and evaluations of work
done. It could also involve working directly in engine, depending on your skillset and preferences.

Must have

● Experience with game design
● Fluent in English or Norwegian
● Initiative to follow up design-challenges

Should have

● Familiarity with game engines
● Ability to communicate with people across multiple departments
● Experience with working in teams

What we provide
● The opportunity to lead the development of impactful games
● Open and supportive work-environment
● A work environment that cares about your personal and professional growth

● Options to become a co-owner after one year of employment
● Norwegian work-rights

○ 1 month paid vacation
○ Work insurance
○ Paid sick days
○ No unpaid overtime work
○ No crunch

Sarepta studio will never discriminate anyone, no matter their race, color, religion, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin or disability and will not be interested
in hiring anyone who would not follow our example.

This is a full-time position, starting in January. Apply by sending your CV and work portfolio to

Lead Game Designer

Sarepta studio AS
Full time

Published on 02/02/2023

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