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Machine Learning Engineer

Avalanche Studios Group is hiring an AI developer for our central technology organization, Central Tech.
Central Tech is our core technology team and we innovate in areas that push the boundaries for what open-world sandbox gaming means as well as improve, optimize and support our existing core technology. In this role, you will work side by side with seasoned professionals with years of experience in developing our proprietary engine and tools. Together, we will design solutions and elevate our engine to new heights.
As an AI Developer in Central Tech, you will work in a small AI/ML-focused team to create AI/ML solutions and applications tailored to the needs of game development teams as well as the internal tech organization. You will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the production workflows by utilizing the latest AI/ML tech, tools and frameworks to reduce cost, and time-to-market and improve the developer experience. You work with a range of different AI/ML techniques like generative AI, reinforcement learning and data analysis to create both PoC and production-ready tools. In addition to outstanding technical knowledge, we are looking for a self-motivated individual with strong communication and collaboration skills.
What you'll do...

  • Be a part of a central AI team with the goal of utilizing AI/ML technology to improve workflows for both production tools and game projects
  • Advice on and develop implementations of AI/ML tools and systems together with AI researchers, production and representatives from game projects.
  • Design and develop prototypes as well as production-ready tools, workflows or services using AI/ML technologies.
  • Assist in a variety of AI-related tasks such as training or fine-tuning models after the projects’ needs.

Who you are...

  • Solid background in software development with at least 3 years of professional experience
  • Experience developing tools or applications utilizing AI/ML technologies such as computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing or generative AI
  • Experience working with LLM services and models
  • Strong knowledge of Python and at least one of C++ or Golang
  • Experience developing tools or services using existing AI/ML frameworks such as PyTorch, Keras for TensorFlow
  • Game industry experience will be a big bonus for this role

The Malmö location
You’ll find us in a standout building from 1958, just a stone’s throw from the Central Station. Within these walls, the American dream was leveraged to sell muscle cars more than half a century ago. Today, the location balances Avalanche Studios Group’s industrial, high-octane heritage with a bright and homey vibe featuring resident dogs and patio-grown chilies.
Our values
At Avalanche Studios Group, we create worlds beyond limits. But that’s not exclusive to our games, so we’re committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workplace. All Avalanchers have a shared responsibility to create an open work environment where everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Being part of our world is not contingent on your heritage, your gender, or sexual orientation. It’s all about your passion and creativity.
How to apply
To apply for this position, please register below and provide your CV in English. We review applications continuously. All further studio-related information is provided under a non-disclosure agreement.

Machine Learning Engineer

Malmo, NE
Full time

Published on 8 Mar 2024

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