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Producer (London or Remote)

CULT Games is building a new breed of games label. Built specifically for SuperIndie development teams with strong creative vision, we are redefining games go-to-market with a modern minded focus on putting community growth and influencer relations front and centre in our campaigns.

This is a high-impact, high influence role and opportunity to play a part in redefining games partnerships in the industry, and redrawing the dynamics between label & developer.


As a CULT Game Producer, you are the master of GSD. Ensuring our Development & Publishing teams are working in lockstep, quality is on point, every i and t is dotted and lined. You’ll see our games through from comms alignment and planning, via pulling together disparate firms to ensure loc and quality excellence, through to sailing through all-important releases across all major console platforms. You are the linchpin of making sure the sweat of our devs and teams flies through to immaculate launch and beyond.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensuring game production and marketing roadmaps, plans and delivery of those plans are in lockstep.. You’re not signing off milestones, but you’re definitely the voice of seeing down the project pipeline, thinking, troubleshooting & communicating several steps ahead
  • Spotting, mitigating and managing risks – you’re on top of what needs to happen when, and will alert and intervene when plans need help or adjustment
  • Managing a pipeline of external partners – working alongside Dev Rels, you’ll ensure we’re working with the best partners in Loc, QA & LocQA possible, ensuring we have strong relationships with top recommendations for our devs
  • Managing relationships with platform holders at an account and release level – doing everything possible to ensure our releases sail through release processes seamlessly
  • Handling and leading CERT across platforms, acting as the voice of reason, support and guidance to our devs
  • Coordinating Loc, QA & Loc QA across our projects
  • Acting as vanguard for connecting internal and external project management
  • Working closely with Ops, Marketing & Dev Rels to set up and manage our internal Production, reporting and project management systems
  • Oversee and complete our Publisher side/consumer legals and registrations including age ratings (eg PEGI)
  • On hand to support developers wherever they need extra support
  • Coordinating Build feedback and playtesting across the CULT

The Human

  • A completionist with drive and immaculate timing, you are driven by making things happen
  • Detail oriented, you sweat the small stuff, and are able to connect it to the big picture; you know a buggy build nukes review scores, you know a well-localised game means the world to its regional players, and you’re not okay with less than the best
  • Able to handle multiple priorities, your inner metronome is set to ‘project manager’. You are comfortable setting priorities and planning your workload to ensure projects sail through on time
  • Amenable and personable, you enjoy working with devs, partners and platform holders to create the best process and highest quality product for everyone involved
  • Self-starting and eager to make a mark in a rare opportunity to make a lasting mark on ‘how we do things’ a company
  • Organised AF you know what’s what and where, built and have the receipts, and are committed to the process

The Proof

  • You’ve had experience running the full submissions process on all major platforms – with a heavy preference for PC & console platforms
  • Prior experience delivering and coordinating localisation and QA for games projects
  • Ideally you have contacts across Loc & QA firms you have worked with successfully, but not essential
  • You have proven ability to oversee the detail on projects whilst having an eye on them being on track
  • You’ve been exposed to working with internal and external partners in game development production before
  • You love games


Why join the CULT?

We are a new team with big ambitions. As a startup, we do not pay the highest salaries in the industry, but we do give big freedom and influence. We are looking for a high-impact, high-energy person to join us in building the vision from the ground.

A former SuperIndie group all with proven success and hype-driven hits behind us, our developer roster is fast filling with some of the best independent game studios in the iii space.

A SuperIndie label for SuperIndie devs, our goal is to be the best truly independent games publishing group in the industry.

We’re looking for talented, hungry, ambitious executors who love to be around one another. Our devs go hard and we show up for them. It matters we all enjoy the ride.

Gender/Race/Orientation is irrelevant.
We are looking for people who are proven in and passionate about games and their craft. World class people we’re excited to have in our house.


If this sounds like you,

Come build a CULT with us.

Producer (London or Remote)

London, UK
Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 11/14/2022

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