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Senior Graphics Programmer, C++ UE4 / UE5, fully remote, work from anywhere in the UK

Senior Graphics Programmer, C++ UE4 / UE5, fully remote, work from anywhere in the UK

This VR first studio is re-establishing the boundaries of VR. They’re looking for an exceptionally talented Senior Graphics Programmer to help them explore, create, and deliver world leading innovation in VR games. As one of the core members of the team, you will be pathfinding a remote first studio, crafting a new generation of VR development and bringing quality VR games to fruition.

As a Senior Graphics Programmer, you will be responsible along with the art team for pushing the visual quality of their Unreal-based games while retaining a consistently high frame-rate, allowing their games to provide a level of immersion and presence that has not yet been seen in VR games. You will be working in collaboration with a highly talented, diverse team to create world class VR gameplay. Help drive the discovery, implementation and refinement of intuitive and aspirational VR games.

Key Responsibilities:

Take ownership of the graphical fidelity and rendering performance of games on PC and other platforms.

Develop and refine custom shaders within Unreal’s rendering pipeline to help the artists and VFX team meet their ambitions and the visual needs of the game.

Support other disciplines in creating robust and performant art content, including specifying realistic budgets for art content and helping debug performance bottlenecks.

Profile and optimise the rendering pipeline for VR as necessary.

Deal directly with Epic and platform holders to improve their VR rendering pipelines.

Help with the higher-level technical design and project planning for your areas of work.

Work with your peers to ensure code is clean, organised, documented and easy to maintain.

Break down and estimate timescales for your tasks.

Be a positive behavioural and mental role model for the team and studio.


Essential Capabilities:

Several years of game industry professional programming experience, with at least one year of graphics programming, and at least one shipped title on a current-generation console, PC, VR headset or mobile.

Good knowledge of C++, HLSL and graph-based material authoring with demonstrable experience of authoring shaders in HLSL.

Detailed knowledge of low-level graphics programming concepts including vertex, fragment, geometry and compute shaders, 3D and 4D coordinate spaces, shader and matrix maths, SIMD, blending, bandwidth management.

Detailed knowledge of modern high-level graphics programming techniques and algorithms covering lighting and shadowing, visibility and culling, ray -tracing and reflections, PBR surfaces, skin and hair, anti-aliasing, post effects and their relative strengths, weaknesses and performance trade-offs.

A proven ability to combine your work with authored art to realise convincing world, character, VFX and post effects inside a modern game engine.

Strong communication skills with a focus on positive cross discipline teamwork and an ability to communicate complex technical information to non-technical staff.

A committed team player, recognizing the importance and value of people within a technology environment.

Desired Experience:

Professional experience developing shipped games in Unreal.

Experience developing for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or Quest.

Professional experience of VR game development.

Prior experience with Perforce and Visual studio.

Comfortable working in an Agile environment, with an ability to respond positively to change as the project progresses.


This is the opportunity to build upon an already proven, world class foundation of VR expertise, to further shape and mould a new way of working, that continues to deliver and innovate for the next generation of core VR games.

They are a remote first studio, with all the perks that come with it. Work from anywhere in the UK to push the boundaries of VR with cutting edge technology and the support of established VR expertise from the wider group.

Rapidly growing to support a variety of genres, this game dev is one of the world’s leading developers/publishers focused on VR games, creating multiple studios dedicated to making the best games out there.

Salary is to £60k plus benefits

CVs to

Senior Graphics Programmer, C++ UE4 / UE5, fully remote, work from anywhere in the UK

United Kingdom
Full time
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 11 Dec 2023

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