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Sr. Concept Artist

Savvy Games Studios (SGS) mission is to create world-leading game studios in Saudi Arabia, creating high-quality games for international audiences. Also, to help Saudi’s passionate gaming sector to develop homegrown IP and, more broadly, make KSA a global hub for gaming.

 As part of the SGS team, you will work alongside the best global gaming talents who have relocated to Riyadh to be part of the ambitious group, and innovative, passionate, and hardworking Saudis.

SGS is looking for a Senior Concept Artist who can work on multiple Ideas and brainstorm visual solutions. The concept Artist will help the teams set and enhance the game's visual identity and key elements. As concept artists, you will create desirable final in-game artwork and placeholder artwork that feels authentic and lifelike.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ideate Blue sky for the game or the Complete feature.
  • Provide thumbnails and silhouettes of Characters and environment for Game features and Events.
  • Should work on Any Art style, be it - Realistic, Semi or Cartoony.
  • Provide feedback to junior Concept Artist/Concept Artist; able to work on storyboards, Color palettes, Mood boards, Key Art, and Animation rough notes/feedback.
  • Adapt to quick brainstorming sketches or feature flow sketches with multiple options.
  • Work on all 2D graphics and UI elements like Game UI, HUD Icons, App icons, and all other requirements.
  • Solving problems by providing solutions, participating in feature discussions, and providing whiteboarding.
  • Create an Art Style guide with the help of the Art lead and Art Director and detailed documentation.
  • Participate in reviews; respond to critical feedback professionally and contribute feedback to your peers.
  • Working directly with the Art Director/Lead to help drive the Game's visual identity. Savvy Games Studios.
  • Manage Outsourcing work, Prepare the vendor test, Check the test, and Provide feedback on a regular cadence. Should manage a complete outsourcing pipeline.
  • Communicating closely with the Art Leads and helping to provide feedback across all aspects of Art and UI

Qualifications and Key Skills:

  • Passionate about – and have good knowledge of Art, Animation, and culture.
  • A genuine passion for games and Game Concept Art.
  • Motivated, goal-oriented, strong team player.
  • Must be a team player and good listener.
  • 8-15 years of industry experience as a Concept Artist/Senior Concept Artist and worked with at least 5-7 titles.
  • Should Have a great portfolio with life study, gesture drawings, Animal study, Character Design, Concept Art, Character design, key art, and many other Drawing related things.
  • In-depth knowledge and study of Life Drawing, painting, Perceptive, Lighting, and rendering.
  • Must have Human, Animal anatomy study and detailed understanding.
  • 3D Software knowledge will be a plus; able to grasp new software and pipeline quickly for efficiency, 3D software like Blender, sketch up, and other software helps with 2D pipelines.
  • Track record of working as a Concept Artist on a mobile/Console game.
  • Experience in quick gesture drawing, Thumbnail, and ideation sketches.
  • Able to guide and supervise juniors for better Concept quality and Workflow.
  • Demonstrate expert understanding of how Concept design, Color palette, or key elements are going well with the gameplay and narrative, and the ability to communicate these links to the team.

Sr. Concept Artist

Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Full time
more than 10 years of experience

Published on 01/18/2023

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