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UE5 AI/ Gameplay Programmer – #4dayworkweek Remote/ Hybrid Brighton, UK

One Player Mission’s client are a tight-knit, Mid-sized indie team with tons of ambition, based in the vibrant seaside town of Brighton.

They’re looking for an AI / Gameplay Programmer to join the team, working on their flagship survival horror game. You’ll be instrumental in crafting unique creature encounters and gameplay features working alongside world-class artists, designers and programmers to help bring their unique game world to life.


  • Solid Blueprint and C++ programming skills.
  • Strong understanding of AI principles and techniques; knowledge of behaviour trees, state machines, EQS, etc.
  • Excellent problem-solving ability.
  • Self-motivation in taking ownership over your work while being proactive in your collaboration with team members.
  • Great team communication skills, especially in remote contexts.
  • Passion for playing and creating cutting-edge, single-player video game experiences.


  • Distilling the vision statement of what the animals mean in the game into functional AI actors which exhibit interesting and dynamic interactive behaviour.
  • Work alongside game designers and animators to craft the player experience as far as interaction with AI agents is concerned, which may include combat interactions.
  • Have a hand in building or extending general gameplay systems in service of realising the game’s core vision, even outside of AI encounters.
  • Responsible for the look and feel of animal behaviours, including fixing bugs, and immersion-breaking situations in general, with support from our Animation Programmer.
  • Creating prototypes to help build suitable frameworks that can support and inform the design team.
  • Suggest improvements if necessary by designing and implementing new systems.
  • Collaborate with designers and animators in discussing constraints and establish the technical possibilities of AI behaviours.
  • Suggest innovations based on other industry-leading games and techniques.
  • Program in Blueprints and C++ in a clear and structured way, taking into account simplicity, readability, maintainability, and performance (where necessary).
  • Verify that newly developed systems meet project AI requirements and align with the game’s core pillars.
  • Document the work so as to transfer knowledge and enable team members of other disciplines to understand how to use the new AI systems and functionality

BONUS (Good to have)

  • Involvement in a shipped game using Unreal Engine 4 or 5.
  • Worked at a AAA or AA studio.
  • Experience solving complex AI problems (navigation, turning, route planning, multiple agent interaction, etc.).
  • Experience working on pathfinding or AI movement/behaviours for characters, preferably bipedal and quadrupedal animals and/or creatures.
  • Strong mathematical ability; knowledge of vectors, matrices, and linear algebra.
  • Experience working with complex animation graphs, procedural animation, and/or foot and spine IK.
  • Knowledge and interest in mentoring and coaching junior roles.
  • Excited to be a part of an indie studio with big ambitions!

Interested in finding out more about the studio and project? Apply now or call us directly today on +44 (0) 1206 214418!

UE5 AI/ Gameplay Programmer – #4dayworkweek Remote/ Hybrid Brighton, UK

Brighton, UK
Full time

Published on 09/11/2023

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