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UE4 Technical Animator – London, UK OR Remote – Visual Effects Studio

Job Type: Permanent OR Contract Options 6-12 months

Project: Visual Effects Studio


Our client is a well-known visual effects company based in London seeking an experienced Unreal Engine Technical Animator to join their team.

You will work towards the goal of delivering high-quality products and projects for both IP and brand clients across a range of mediums on cutting edge hardware, VR, AR, real-time animation, virtual production, and other exciting platforms.


  • A good understanding of Unreal Engine, including rig authoring, real-time performance constraints and asset animation
  • A background in animation with experience of rigging and animation pipelines
  • Experience with animation blueprints
  • Experience with engine state machines
  • Evidence of a strong understanding in Python
  • An understanding of the content creation pipeline in Unreal and/or VFX
  • Knowledge of animation features of modern game engines
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy for bipeds and quadrupeds, skeletons and muscles
  • A good understanding of constraints and deformers, how they work and their limitations
  • An understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture and form


  • Implement animation systems in Unreal Engine
  • Develop tools in collaboration with Pipeline & Rigging that will allow Animators to leverage their skills in engine
  • Troubleshoot and solve animation issues with all departments; real-time, animation, rigging & pipeline
  • Optimise work to stay within the technical restraints while maintaining artistic vision
  • Develop and maintain clear documentation
  • Maintain a relationship with the Technical Animation team for Film


  • Working knowledge of C++
  • Experience with performance capture: rig hookups, offset rigs, re-targeting etc.
  • Experience with implementing FACS
  • Experience creating content for XR
  • Experience animating different character/asset types for games or interactive projects

Interested in finding out more about the studio and project? Apply now or call directly today on +44 1206 214 418!

UE4 Technical Animator – London, UK OR Remote – Visual Effects Studio

London, UK
Full time

Published on 09/10/2021

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