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Job Title 2D Game Artist
Job Category 2D / Concept / Texture Artist
Job Description Job Title:2D Game Artist
Location:St. Louis, MO
Experience:Entry-Mid level

We’re an award-winning independent game studio based out of St. Louis, MO consisting of just 5 team members. We love the work of making video games, crafting a sustainable business, and creating an amazing, passionate work culture. And we’re in need of some additional ART MAGIC!

We’re looking for an insatiably curious 2D artist to join our crew. The ideal applicant is the sort of artist who focuses on process and speed, absolutely loves color, and has a natural affinity for the cartoonish style of our universe.

You’ll work directly with Sam Coster, the creative director and lead artist on game projects, to concept and build assets that span the gamut from in-game items, characters, and animations to UI/UX, marketing materials, and even trailer visuals.

Our goal as a company is to be the cross-platform game studio, with titles that span multiple markets and deliver joy on an immense scale. With our current portfolio of Crashlands, Quadropus Rampage, Flop Rocket, & Towelfight 2, we have amassed over 5 million players and have begun paving the way for an incredible studio future. If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of a young studio where you will have a direct, powerful impact on games and the business itself, this is the job for you.

We love and celebrate diversity in all its forms. If you’re from a group that is underrepresented in the games industry we strongly encourage you to apply. Our work environment is a safe place that doesn’t tolerate harassment in any form, from within or without.

Quit dillydallying. Become a Butterscotch and build amazing things with us.Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Creation of in-game art assets such as items, tilesets, environments, weapons, characters, creatures, buildings, UI/UX elements, effects, etc.
  • Creation of art assets for other studio projects, potentially including: merchandise, comics, websites, tool business, marketing materials, etc.
  • Animating assets using our proprietary animation engine
  • Refining your art process and our art pipeline for maximum efficiency
  • Creating shareable gifs and other marketing assets for distribution via the blog, twitter, etc.
  • Just making a ridiculous amount of art for a bunch of awesome things


  • Prolific 2D artist. We want to see not just a polished portfolio, but an active sketch book.
  • Excellent writer.
  • Knowledge of how Vector art works and some practice in it (Illustrator, Flash, or Inkscape)
  • 6+ months of experience (freelance, industry, whatever) in delivering polished products for other people to use
  • Passion for being a part of a team.
  • You’re an avid reader.
  • Relocation to wonderful St. Louis. Seriously it’s awesome here.
  • (Bonus) Experience in Animation, including tools like Flash or Adobe After Effects
  • (Bonus) Experience in Inkscape, the vector-art tool we use (and you’ll use) in-house
  • (Bonus) Completed collaborative projects such as comics, games, animated shorts, etc.
  • (Bonus) Programming skill in any language. All other team members are programmers, and this skill is invaluable.
  • (Bonus) You’ve played our games: Crashlands, Quadropus Rampage 2, Towelfight, Flop Rocket, Roid Rampage, or any of our jam games.

We are looking for the sort of person who:

  • Possesses extreme Grit -- the ability to push through obstacles, no matter how large, without complaint.
  • Self-Teaches, thrives on problem-solving, and is extremely detail-oriented.
  • Appreciates, understands, and loves the utility of art.
  • Approaches art projects with a problem-solver mindset.
  • Loves collaboration and is interested in the team more than themselves.
  • Views their work as a calling, and takes pride in their work
  • Is friendly, honest, humble, open-minded, good-humored, and personable.
  • Can emotionally detach from ideas and cares about what is right instead of who is right.
  • Possesses a Hacker Mindset: prefers simple, fast solutions that get the job done using the tools at hand.
  • Is comfortable speaking in public (at events or online).
  • Is insatiably curious about the work.
Salary 45,000-60,000
Location St. Louis, MO, United States
Job Category Art / Animation
Date posted 29/11/2016
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