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Job Title Senior Graphics Programmer - Console Project
Job Category Programming
Job Description Our client is seeking an experienced and capable Graphics Programmer at a senior level to enhance the engine team building and extending the in-house engine. You will work together with (technical) artists and designers to create graphics features and enhance workflows. They take pride in designing and implementing real-time rendering techniques and optimizing them to the fullest! And are always open for Senior Graphics Programmers to help turn ambitious graphics goals and art direction into a reality.

Responsibilities include:
  • Implement graphic features into our game engine
  • Ensure all artwork designed by our artists (such as character- and environment artists) will function according to spec in our game(s);
  • Analyze complex requirements and programming structures and turn them into simple, effective designs with even better implementations;
  • Produce systems that are efficient, focused on scalability, performance and memory usage and easy to maintain;
  • Produce systems according to specs of the end users (such as 3D artists, game designers and other coders).

Required Skills:
  • Extensive experience as a graphics programmer;
  • Experience in working at the OS or Hardware level as well as designing high-level systems;
  • Expert skills in the fields of graphics, rendering, compute, shading and optimization or any combination thereof;
  • Very good knowledge of the mathematics behind 3D graphics;
  • Expertise in C++ and shading languages and great skills in OpenGL/Vulkan, DirectX and/or GNM;
  • Excellent data structure and algorithm knowledge;
  • Experience with multithreaded programming;
  • Knowledge of the inner workings of current GPU architectures and/or experience in optimizing code to the last cycle is a plus;
  • Additional experience in designing and implementing parallel/distributed systems is desired.
Salary DOE
Location Amsterdam
Job Category Programming
Date posted 22/05/2019
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Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of OPM using their internal reference 8418-1.
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